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Jefferson Softball, Inc.


I. Participation Policy Jefferson Softball, Inc. Program – All Divisions

Boundaries – Geographic

The following statement defines Jefferson Softball, Inc. geographic boundaries

for Babe Ruth participation: the defined borders of Jefferson Township as

illustrated on the tax map of Jefferson Township.

Inclusion Policy

1. Is a permanent resident of Jefferson Township, NJ

2. If family relocates, player may remain a participant until completion of

the active season.

Exclusion Policy

1. Any player eligible above, but also participates on another

    team and does not meet criterion of Jefferson Softball, Inc. (Must

    participate in 80% of scheduled recreation games)

2. Player that does not meet the criterion as defined in the

    policy detailed above.

    All participants are expected to commit to participation and that

    attendance at practices and games is required for our program to be

    successful and run smoothly. If player does not meet acceptable

    participation activity, they may be removed as a participant and

    replaced with an equal rated player as they become available (see

    next comment).

    Jefferson Softball, Inc. will take every effort to allow players to

    join our program any time. Understanding that people will move

    into our town or become eligible during our season, we welcome

    all participants, but do reserve the right to delay entry of a player

    based on board decision.

Jefferson Softball, Inc. est. 2006

Article I: Name

     This organization shall be known as Jefferson Softball, Inc.


Article II: Purpose

2.1 The objective of Jefferson Softball, Inc. shall be to implant firmly in the children

    of the community the ideals of good citizenship, honesty, loyalty, courage, respect

    for all authority and good sportsmanship, so that our children may grow into welladjusted

   , strong-minded, decent, healthy and trustworthy citizens.

2.2 To achieve this objective, Jefferson Softball, Inc. will provide a supervised

   program of sports activities. All directors, Officers and Members shall bear in

   mind that attainment of exceptional athletic skill or winning the games is

   secondary and that the principal objective of Jefferson Softball, Inc. is always to

   guide the young people toward good citizenship through encouragement of each

   child’s efforts, to set the example of positive self-discipline, to encourage respect

   for every other person involved in the program and to engender a healthy respect

   for legitimate authority. All personnel involved in the program, most especially 

   mangers and coaches, shall maintain their personal conduct on the highest levels

   as a role model for the children.

Article III: Membership

3.1 Eligibility – Any person actively participating in the Jefferson Softball, Inc.

   program is automatically considered a member. Please see the member classes


   Residency Guidelines for Player Members (Article 3.2)

   The individual must be a residence of Jefferson Township. Residency guidelines

   may be waived for Travel Player Members and must be reviewed for approval

   each year by the Board of Directors. Residency guidelines can only be waived

   provided it does not exclude a Jefferson player from participation.

3.2 Classes – There shall be the following classes of membership:

   A) Player Members: any player candidate meeting the requirements of Jefferson

       Softball, Inc. residency guidelines shall be eligible to compete for

       participation but shall have no rights, duties or obligations in the management

      or in the property of Jefferson Softball, Inc.

B) Regular Members: any person interested in furthering the objectives of

    Jefferson Softball, Inc. by volunteering for active participation may become a

    regular member (i.e. Coaches/Parent). Parents of a player member shall

    automatically become regular members of Jefferson Softball, Inc. Regular

    members that are not board members may not remain in a meeting beyond the

    public portion of said meeting.

C) Board Members: will be accepted by a two-thirds vote of those present

    during the election. No more than nine members will be allowed on the Board

    of directors.

3.2 Discipline Policy

A) Suspension or Termination – Membership may be terminated by resignation

    or action by the Board of Directors.

1. The board of Directors, by a two-thirds vote of those present at any duly

    constituted meeting, shall have the authority to discipline, suspend or

    terminate the membership of any member of any class when the

    conduct of such person is considered to be detrimental to the best

    interests of Jefferson Softball, Inc. The member involved shall be

    notified of such meeting, informed of the general nature of the charges

    and given an opportunity to appear at the meeting to answer to such


2. The Board of Directors shall, in case of a Player Member, give notice

    to the parent as well as the manager of the team of which the player is a

    member. Said manager shall appear, in the capacity of advisor, with the

    player before the grievance committee of the Board of Directors, which

    shall make recommendations to suspend or revoke such a player’s right

    to future participation in Jefferson Softball, Inc. This shall not be done

    without the parent present at said hearing.

Article IV: Dues

4.1 A reasonable Jefferson Softball, Inc. participation fee may bee assessed as a

    parents’ obligation to assure the operational continuity of Jefferson Softball, Inc.

4.2 Such fee shall be a prerequisite for participation in Jefferson Softball, Inc. This fee

   may be waived at the discretion of the Board Members due to financial hardship.

4.3 Fees may also be pro-rated on number of participants in one family, (i.e., four

    members from same family).

Article V: Meetings

5.1 Monthly meetings of the Board of Directors will be held on the 2nd Wednesday of     the month at 7:00pm. If rescheduling is necessary, proper notification will be

   given to all Board members and published on the website.

5.2 Meetings should be attended by all Board Members. Regular members may also

   attend all meetings, unless the subject matter requires that either the entire

   meeting or part of the meeting be closed.

5.3 When the need arises, special meetings may be called, at the discretion of the

   President, to consider a specific subject. Notification of such meetings shall be

    made in the most convenient fashion.

5.4 The presence of two-thirds of the Board Members shall constitute a quorum.

5.5 Only Board Members shall be entitled to vote at closed meetings. Voting shall

    only take place if the required 2/3 quorum is met. Closed meetings may include,

    but are not limited to sensitive issues such as financial hardship, scholarship

    awards, character counts violations, etc.

5.6 Attendance – After missing four board meetings for unexcused absences or

    absences not pre-approved, the Board Secretary will notify the President that their

    attendance is in violation of the by-laws resulting in their dismissal. The Board

    Members will recommend a replacement to be voted on by a quorum.

5.7 The Board Year – September 1st to August 31st

Article VI: Board of Directors

6.1 The management of the property and affairs of Jefferson Softball, Inc. shall be

    vested in the Board of Directors, which shall consist of a minimum of nine


6.2 The term of office shall be for one year. These positions shall be filled by general

    elections with a 2/3 Board of Directors vote. The Board of Directors shall suggest

    new board members that will be voted on during the July meeting.

6.3 The Board of Directors may appoint such standing committees as it shall

    determine and delegate as the Board shall deem advisable and which it may

    properly delegate. The Board may adopt such rules for the management of

    Jefferson Softball, Inc, as it may deem proper. The Board shall have power by a

    two-thirds vote to discipline, suspend, or remove any Director, Officer or Member

    of Jefferson Softball, Inc. is accordance with the procedures set forth in Article III

   of these by-laws.

Article VII: Committees

7.1 Fundraising/Sponsorship Committee: The Board of Directors may appoint a

    Finance Committee, which shall investigate ways and means of financing

    Jefferson Softball, Inc. and make recommendations to the Board.

7.2 Equipment Manager: The Board may appoint a minimum of one equipment

    manager, which shall investigate and make recommendations concerning the

    purchase of supplies and equipment for Jefferson Softball, Inc. The equipment 

    manager shall be responsible for the proper issuance of such supplies and

   equipment and for the collection, cleaning, repair and storage thereof at the close

   of the season.

7.3 Uniforms Coordinator: The Board may appoint a minimum of one uniforms

   coordinator, which shall inspect and make recommendations concerning the repair

   or purchase of uniforms. The uniform coordinator shall be responsible for the

   proper issuance of said uniforms and for the collection, cleaning, repair and

   storage thereof at the close of the season.

7.4 Rules Committee: The Board may appoint a rules committee of not less then three

   members, including the Umpire-in-Chief, who shall have the responsibility for

   evaluation of local rule changes submitted to the rules committee for the possible

incorporation into the Jefferson Softball, Inc. procedures, local League Rules, bylaws

and constitution.

7.5 Grievance Committee: The Board consists of grievance committees, which will

investigate, review, and make recommendations for any violation of the Character

Counts policy by any member.

7.6 Ad Hoc Committee: The Board may, from time to time, appoint Ad Hoc

Committees to deal with issues and matters which the Board may deem

appropriate for consideration.

Article VIII: Officers, Duties and Responsibilities

8.1 The Board of Directors’ responsibilities:

A) Conduct the affairs of Jefferson Softball, Inc. and execute policy established

by said Board.

B) Be responsible for the day to day operation of Jefferson Softball, Inc. in strict

conformity with the rules and regulations established by the appropriate


C) Designate such other individuals and/or committees to have power to act for

and in the name of Jefferson Softball, Inc. under the overall direction of said


D) Investigate complaints, irregularities and conditions detrimental to the welfare

of Jefferson Softball, Inc. and take whatever action is necessary to remedy the

situation. Settle any grievances submitted by the Jefferson Softball, Inc.


E) Prepare and submit with the assistance of the Treasurer an annual budget and

be responsible for the proper execution thereof.

F) Examine, with the assistance of the Player Agent, the application and proof of

age of every player candidate and certify eligibility before the player may be

accepted for tryouts and selection.

8.2 The President will supervise all affairs of the organization; preside over all

meetings of the Board; and sign all official documents of the organization.

8.3 The Vice President shall, in case of absence or disability of the President, and

with the authorization of the President or the Board, perform the duties of the

President and when so acting shall have the powers of that office. The Vice

President shall have such other duties as, from time to time, may be assigned by

the Board or by the President.

8.4 The Secretary shall:

A) Be responsible for recording the activities of Jefferson Softball, Inc. and for

maintaining appropriate files, mailing lists and necessary records.

B) Give notice of all meetings that may, from time to time, be called.

C) Keep minutes of all meetings and cause them to be recorded in a book kept

for that purpose.

D) Conduct all correspondence not otherwise specifically delegated.

E) Record attendance of members present at meetings and be responsible for

notifying the President of Board Members who have exceeded their allowed

absences in accordance with Section 5.6.

F) Be responsible for compiling and issuing an agenda to all Board Members at

least three days prior to the meeting.

G) Perform other such duties as the Board of Directors shall prescribe.

8.5 The Treasurer shall:

A) Receive all monies and securities; deposit same in a depository approved by

the Board.

B) Keep records for the receipt and disbursements of all monies of Jefferson

Softball, Inc. Make all payments from allotted funds and draw checks thereof,

with the approval of the Board.

C) Provide a written Treasurer’s report at each meeting.

D) Prepare, under the direction of the President, an annual budget for the

submission to the Board of Directors and file any necessary papers with the


E) Perform other such duties, as the Board of Directors shall prescribe.

Article IX: Managers, Coaches and Umpires

9.1 Team Managers and Coaches shall be appointed with the approval of the Board.

They shall be responsible for the behavior for their teams and fans on the field.

9.2 Umpires shall be appointed annually by the Board.

Article X: Organization, Rules, and Regulations

10.1 Jefferson Softball, Inc. recreational program allows children to be placed on a

team who are signed up. The recreational program shall be organized into the

following divisions:

· Clinic League: for children in Kindergarten

· Instructional League: for children in first and second grades

· Minor League: for children in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades

· Major League: for children in 6th, 7th, and 8th grades

· Senior League: for children in High School

10.2 Jefferson Softball, Inc. travel teams will be determined by a tryout. The travel

program shall be organized into the following divisions as approved by the Board of


· U10 Gold: for the 12 top rated children 10 years old and under

· U10 Blue: for the next 12-15 top rated children 10 years old and under

· U12 Gold: for the 12 top rated children 12 years old and under

· U12 Blue: for the next 12-14 top rated children 12 years old and under

· U14 Gold: for the 12 top rated children 14 years old and under

· U14 Blue: for the next 12-14 top rated children 14 years old and under

· U16 Gold: for the 12 top rated children 16 years old and under

· U16 Blue: for the next 12-14 top rated children 16 years old and under

**These teams can be adjusted by a majority vote of the Board of Directors**

10.3 Rules and Regulations: The Minor, Major and Senior divisions shall be bound by

Rules and Regulations of the Softball Division of Babe Ruth, Inc., procedures and

Local League Rules. The Clinic and Instructional divisions shall be bound by

Jefferson Softball, Inc. procedures and Local League Rules.

10.4 The only exception to Article 10.3 is that the managers of a division, with the

approval of the Board, may institute a local rule binding only in their division.

These local rules may be adopted only with the agreement of all managers in the

said division and shall be binding only for the season in which they are adopted.

The rules shall be reviewed annually and resubmitted for approval.

Article XI: Amendments

The Constitution of Jefferson Softball, Inc. and these by-laws may be amended,

repealed or altered in whole or part by a majority vote at any duly organized

meeting of the Board of Directors provided notice of the proposed change is

included in the notice of the meeting, and there is a quorum in attendance.

Jefferson Softball, Inc.


Jefferson Softball, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing the

structure and mechanism for the young girls of Jefferson Township, NJ to

participate in the sport of softball.

Mission Statement

The mission of Jefferson Softball, Inc. is to create a softball program for young

athletes that will provide an atmosphere where children can come to learn about

the sport while having fun and getting the maximum amount of play. The mission

is also that of inclusion wherein each participant will enjoy the benefits of

Jefferson Softball, Inc.

In accomplishing this mission, Jefferson Softball, Inc. will look to provide to all

of our participants, the best coaching, skill development, appreciation if the game,

facilities, and equipment resources available. This will all be done while

providing the safest program possible.

Jefferson Softball, Inc. Board of Directors